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"Knowledge Is More Important Than Money"

A person indebted with knowledge will have the tools necessary to eliminate
that debt. A person with money and without knowledge will not only lose their
money but will invariably become indebted.
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The Free Debt Advisor Website can help point you to a professional Financial Consultation
staff to help and advise you about Credit Repair, Debt and Personal Finances.


  Debt Consolidation Management program can help you:

  • Reduce your monthly payment amounts
  • Reduce or eliminate interest
  • Improve or rebuild credit
  • One lower monthly payment
  • No obligation
  • Path to becoming DEBT FREE

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What Type Of Advice Are You Searching For?

  • Are you looking for a way to reduce or eliminate your debt?
    Learn everything about Debt Consolidation and other possible debt solutions.

  • Need a loan but struggling with Bad Credit?
    Let our resource guide about online loan at Same Day Fin helps you find the loan you need.
    And find out more on prlog personal loans for bad credit review website.
  • Need professional Debt Advice from a Financial Consultant?
    Apply Here for aFree Debt Consolidation Quotes
  • Want to cut your debt by 50% to 75% and become debt free quickly?
    Find out if a Debt Settlement Program is right for you.
  • Are you looking for a loan to reduce your debt?
    Get free debt advice and resources for
    Debt Consolidation Loans.

  • Are you looking to repair your damaged credit?
    Get the inside scoop on Credit Repair and how to Boost Your Credit Score
  • Do you want your creditors off your back?
    Understanding your rights and dealing with Creditors.
  • Considering Bankruptcy?
    Learn everything about Bankruptcy before you make that decision.
  • Need debt advice about Personal Finances?
    Get tips on Saving Money and Budgeting.


Debt Reduction: A Step - By - Step Approach To Debt Solutions
Most consumers have so many credit cards and unsecured debt they sometimes don't
realize just how much they really owe. In order to eliminate debt, consumers must
consistently spend less than they make, not incur any new debt, and reduce their
existing debt. If you are struggling in actually being able to do this, you can hire the services
from one of many different certified debt consolidation companies. While they will not give you
free cash to make your payments, they can provide good strategies and key ingredients for
helping you out. Learn how to choose loan for bad credit for quick cash and rebuilding your

Here is a step-by-step approach to help consumers work on the problem:

  • First, list all your bills on a single sheet of paper in three columns: who you owe,
    how much and the minimum monthly payment or use our free
    Budget Worksheets.
  • Then, look at your earnings and spending.

"For those who think they know where their money goes without keeping detailed
records, I issue this challenge: Keep track of every cent you spend for one month.
I promise you'll be surprised and perhaps shocked by how much some of your 'small'
expenditures add up to."

There are two ways to prioritize debt repayment: smallest outstanding balance to largest
outstanding balance or highest interest rate to lowest interest rate. In most cases, you
will eliminate your debt faster if you begin with the debt carrying the highest interest rate,
most financial advisors agree you should prioritize your repayment based on the interest
rate—highest to lowest.

With earnings, one should consider every aspect. For instance, do you need to find a
part-time job to supplement your income? Can your tax withholdings be adjusted to
increase your paycheck? Or can you simply create a realistic budget and stick with it.

The goal is to make sure that every dollar is going to the right place.

This is most important when considering the spending side. Someone with a $5 a day
latte habit can save several hundred dollars a year by simply changing to regular coffee.
Consumers can also cut food bills by shopping at discount stores rather than more
expensive neighborhood groceries.

There are a 101 ways consumers can save money and bring down their expenses
by 15 to 20 percent and not even notice.

  • The final step is to take that extra money and apply it to credit cards and related
    debts. The smart way is to go after the ones with the highest interest rates.

We call this approach "Investing in your own debt"
Test it using our Debt Calculators "The results will amaze you"

It's important for consumers to switch to cash and debit cards until their
debt is under control.

Consumers who feel they need help should consult a credit counselor,
who can help them work out budget plans or get them into a debt consolidation
program. Though it sounds strange, sometimes a person’s largest debt can also help
them save money. Most home loans have a low interest rate compared to a credit card, so
borrowing more against your mortgage to pay off your credit card can be a great strategy
for debt reduction.

UK residents struggling with debt repayment should look into IVA or
individual voluntary arrangements. It is another choice instead of bankruptcy
that many often over look. Banks are recognizing IVA's as a very recognized
choice. If you are an UK resident, find out more about them to possibly consider this option.
The flexibility with an IVA depends on your unique financial situation.
Find out more on IVA advice. This could really help you avoid other financial hardships.
Other areas of debt advice come in the form of debt or credit counceling. Often these terms
are interchanged and can be confused, but overall it is best to simply talk with a qualified company.
A Debt management plan and explain what your situation is and they will provide options that will
best fit your needs. If you have other questions you can see a IVA FAQ list (frequently asked questions)
in helping you determine your best options.

A question has been brought up about obtaining cash advance loans.
Here is my take on these. If you are in need of some quick money
and you can't acquire it through a close friend or family member, they can
in fact help you out when you need money quickly. The applying process
if fairly straight forward and the funds do come often within hours of applying.
There are obviously interest fees with these but not as bad as what some believe.
They can be used occasionally and serve their purpose quit well, but if you are truly
struggling with paying your bills on a consistent basis, you may have a deeper rooted
debt problem that needs addressing.

"Sometimes the most difficult step is to actually speak to an advisor about your debt
"Consumers need to realize that obtaining professional advice may be their first
and most important step towards being debt free" Looking into both debt help as well as credit repair
can help you see a clearer picture of your financial situation.

"Anyone seeking debt solutions can get free debt advice and a free debt consolidation
consultation with a financial advisor without any obligation"
"If there is anything to loose by talking to a professional, it can only be your debt"

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