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5 Steps to Take to Get Your Finances in Order

  As the warmth approaches, you might think it’s time to get some spring-cleaning done and get
your finances into order before things start getting messy. Christmas probably left your wallet
and bank account heavily bruised and you might not be in a position to ask for a raise or bonus
anytime soon.

So what can you do in the meantime to avoid rooting under the sofa cushions for cash? We’ve
come up with a few tips to help you get your finances into shape until that raise or windfall comes
along later on.

Plunder your hidden treasures

Your house is full of hidden money, everywhere you look. This is the first step to getting you a bit
of capital on the side. Have a yard sale to try and make money off the things in your house or
apartment that you really don’t have any use for any longer. You can always get onto websites
like to try and sell some of your old tech, or CDs and DVDs. If you have
enough old junk lying around, you’d be surprised at the amount of money you could make off it.

Get a financial planner

Financial planning no longer requires hiring a specialist to do the math for you. There is a range of
incredible financial planner-apps for your computer and Smartphone that calculate your income
and expenses and breaks everything down into helpful graphs that demonstrate your expenditure.
iReconcile, for instance, is a great app that keeps you on top of your budget. It has a built-in check
register, a notification system and online syncing to your bank account. You can also track your
budget with it, meaning you can calculate anything from daily to annual budgeting.

Don’t forget about insurance

This is any easy mistake to make. A lot of people get a certain insurance rate and then forget about
it, while cheaper and better premiums pop up around them everywhere. Revising your insurance
rates for your car and home should be a priority when you’re getting your finances into shape.
Call your insurance provider and inquire about any deals you can get with them, firstly. If they can’t
really help you, shop around for some cheaper rates.

Change your bank account

Holding money in a certain account can end up costing you more than you expected. You need to
review how much it actually costs to own your account. See if you’re paying any monthly charges
that you didn’t know about. When you open your account, a monthly banking fee may seem low,
but it does add up over a year.


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