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The financial and lending industry wants you to be in debt.
Banks, finance institutions, credit card issuers, personal account granters, auto
lenders etc, all want you in debt and it’s not even the principal they are all
interested in, it’s the interest!
Think of it this way; if you were lent $15,000 today and paid back the entire sum
next week, how would that profit a lender? It doesn’t. But if the lender can get you
to make the bare minimum monthly payment while charging you a high interest rate,
then they are going to profit from you a lot more then they hope you will ever know.
The money will always increase for the lender and if the consumer can be enticed
into enough debt, then they will become a slave to the lending industry.


 Free Debt Consolidation Management program can help you:

  • Reduce your monthly payment amounts
  • Reduce or eliminate interest
  • Improve or rebuild credit
  • One lower monthly payment
  • No home ownership or credit check
  • No obligation
  • Path to becoming DEBT FREE

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Debt Consolidation Overview
When paired with the right agency, Debt Consolidation allows you to pay down your debt
and keep a good credit history. A debt consolidation program is a process that allows a
professional firm to negotiate with your creditors to achieve the lowest and most affordable
monthly obligation needed to satisfy all your credit accounts. All of your accounts are
consolidated into one manageable payment.
The payment you make, in most cases, is significantly lower than you are currently paying
to each individual creditor. This lump-sum monthly payment is divided into portions and
paid out to your creditors.

Do creditors want you to consolidate? Probably not. But fortunately, they would rather
compromise than take a chance of not being paid at all.
That's just common sense, taking into consideration that most consumers have been
paying high interest, late and over limit fees for some time.
The creditors already made a profit. Now most of them are willing to reduce or eliminate
interest to get back their initial investment.
Now, will they make the compromise directly to the consumer? Unfortunately no.
When you contact a creditor, you speak to an agent with no decision making power.
They are trained to keep you where you are, in debt and high interest. Most will even
use scare tactics and tell you they don't participate in any consolidation programs.
That's either a lie or they are just not privileged to that information.
The reason creditors will not work directly with consumers is that they don't think there
is a big enough problem. They seem to forget that they are not the only creditor that
people are in debt with. But when they are approached by a consolidation company that
they agreed to work with, a red flag goes up.
Now they know, if someone is seeking relief through a third party, there is a problem.
Then they have no choice but to compromise. If they don't, then there is a change they
will not get paid at all.

Below is a List of Articles that Discuss the Bad Credit
Debt Consolidation Industry

These articles will answer all your questions or concerns about Debt Consolidation.
The information contained in these articles will provide you with everything there is
to know on the topic and even things that some consolidation companies may not
want you to know.

 Bad credit debt consolidation.
If for any reason there is something you feel we did not cover, or you may
have a unique question, feel free to contact us.

Debt Consolidation Articles:

A note from the Author;

Although millions of Americans are drowning in debt, many fail to realize just how much in
debt they really are. Realizing that you are in debt is an excellent start, but sometimes the
most difficult step is discussing your debt problems with an outsider.
There are many good, non-profit organizations out there that will provide consumers with a
free debt analysis and debt consolidation Advice.
Just consider the cost of doing nothing vs. the possibility of being debt free.

Richard Jackson
Senior Debt Consultant

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