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Low Interest Credit Cards Australia

If you are an Australian who is interested in applying for a low interest credit card,
you should explore your options. There are plenty of different cards from which
you can choose. Make sure you perform through research on all low interest credit cards
so that you can sign up for the one that is best for your needs and lifestyle.

The Westpac Low Rate Credit Card can be chosen as either a Visa
or MasterCard. It offers the lowest ongoing purchase rate of zero percent
and carries an annual fee of $45. The interest rate is 13.49 percent p.a.
for your purchases and 21.49 percent p.a. for cash advances. the Westpac credit card
also offers the consumer up to 55 days interest free on purchases as long as the balance
is paid on time each month.

The St. George Vertigo MasterCard carries a low interest rate of 13.24 percent p.a.
on all purchases. It carries an annual fee of $55 and gives you up to 55 days of purchases
without the interest rate attached. You will experience a rate of 0.99 percent p.a. on all
balance transfers for the first 12 months of holding this credit card. As a nice perk when you
sign up for this card, you will also receive fraud monitoring every single day, courtesy of the
Falcon company.

The Bank of Queensland Visa card is a great low rate credit card that has a low annual fee
of $55 as well as an interest rate of 13.49 percent p.a. on all purchases. You will also enjoy
a super low 1.9 percent p.a. on all balance transfers the first six months of holding the card,
an interest rate of 21.49 percent p.a. for cash advances and up to 55 days of interest free purchases.

The Aussie MasterCard carries a very low interest rate of only 9.99 percent on all purchases
made in the first 12 months. After that time, you will be responsible for an interest rate of 13.29
percent p.a. on purchases. The rate on balance transfers is 2.99 percent for the first 12 months,
and 19.99 percent p.a. on any cash advances. You will also receive 55 days of interest free purchases
initially when you sign up for this card.


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