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Debt Consolidation Vs. A Consolidation Loan?

When faced with debt, it's common for most consumers to consider yet another loan.
Borrowing money to pay back borrowed money is one method of many creative
ways such as refinancing or taking out a second mortgage to funnel in new monies
and keep things going for as long as possible.

Unfortunately there are only so many creative ways to manipulate debt, but in the
end debt owed cannot be avoided.
A debt consolidation program is designed to eliminate debt, period. The the goal is
to pay back the debt that is owed directly to the source without having to borrow more
debt. This type of program is for consumers who are serious about meeting their
financial obligations without having to resort to bankruptcy.
Detailed information on how debt consolidation works can be obtained here .


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A debt consolidation loan is just another term for refinancing your home or taking out
a second mortgage. Any financial consultant will tell you that borrowing money to pay
back borrowed money is economic suicide, unless they are processing a consolidation
loan for you.
Even when consumers are able to qualify for a substantial unsecured loan (and most
consumers in need of one will not) to pay off their debt, they are basically borrowing
from Peter to pay Paul and not contributing to resolving any debt related problems.
On the other hand, if a consumer takes out a secured loan such as a home equity
or second mortgage, they are attaching their current unsecured debt to something
of value such as their home.

Think about this for a minute. All the bad debt such as credit cards, personal loans,
medical bills or collections are unsecured. If you can't pay them, it's not the end of the
world. Granted, your credit will be ruined but they will not come knocking on your door.
And as a last resort, Bankruptcy is still available.
On the other hand, by securing your unsecured debt, and something happens where
you can't pay, they will come knocking on your door. To take it.
A note from the author:
The purpose of this article is to help consumers in financial need make the right decision
about debt management solutions.
For others who are not suffocated by debt, a low interest
consolidation loan can provide
the relief or solution to their particular need.


William Cho
Debt Management

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