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Preparing For Requesting A Home Loan

Just like any plan for a loan transaction, requesting for a home loan needs preparation. Aside from it will keep you on your toes because you are aware of the facts, gathered information will give you confidence when doing the transaction.

Requesting for loan Quotes

Requesting for a quotation does not necessarily mean that you already have an outstanding obligation. Requesting for a loan quote means that the lender will provide you loan options or packages suited to your status. With this, you need to provide them with your credit score, credit and income information. These are initial information that will help the lender like the bank to come up with quotations. If and when you decide to apply for the loan that is the time you will comply with the loan application requirements.

Pre-approval request

Pre-approval means that you grant the lender to analyze your debt and income and do extensive investigation to really assess your financial standing. These information and verification process will provide information to the lender or secured loans with the lender or bank because multiple credit checks may affect your credit score in a negative way.

For both requests lenders will be looking at particular information in relation to a possible loan application such as the following:

* A steady income. Lenders will have to verify your source of income, either from employment of from other sources. In addition, it will also look into the stability of your job with the present employer, your salary level and if you are capable of paying loan amortizations. Usually monthly dues are less than 35% of your income so as not to jeopardize your other expenses. If you are not employed, lenders and banks will verify your other sources of steady income. Emphasis on the steady income because it is where you will get the amount for the monthly amortization. Tax and bank account statements are the usual verifiable information in this case.

* As usual, lenders and banks will check your credit history verifying for good credit track record. The last 2 or 3 years are significant during this phase. Delinquencies and bankruptcies can be grounds for disapproval of your loan.

* Lenders and banks will also need documents to derive other important information. Basic document requirements include sales contract, social security number, name, address, bank account information, income, and investments statements.


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